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Work Experience

Richmond High School conducts a continuous release work experience program for Year 9 to Year 12 students throughout Term 1 to Term 4.

The employer and the student work together to determine the dates for work experience. The flexibility of this program allows students to organise work experience at a time convenient with the participating employer. The days spent on the job can also be negotiated. Students can attend one day per week through to a full week or more. The experience can be tailored to achieve maximum benefit for the student.

Application process

Process for applying and gaining work experience placement:

  1. Visit the careers advisor to obtain the required documents.

  2. Approach employers and secure a work experience place.

  3. Ensure the student placement record (SPR) is completed and signed by employer, a parent or carer and you.

  4. Return completed SPR to the careers advisor no later than two weeks prior to work experience starting. The SPR must be given to the careers advisor before the student can start their work experience.

Important information

Students cannot go to work experience in:

  • The first and last week of each term.
  • For Year 10: during school holidays.
  • For Year 11 and Year 12: during the summer school holidays.
  • For Year 12: work experience cannot be completed once they have signed out.
  • One week prior to, or during exams and assessments.
  • The building and construction Industry if they have not completed the general construction induction training, also known as the white card.

Tax file number

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) in partnership with Australia Post is making it easier for individuals to apply for a tax file number (TFN).

Students can now apply for a TFN online and have their identity verified through an interview at a participating Australia Post office. Applying online is the fastest and most convenient way for students to get a TFN. For more information on applying online visit the apply for a TFN website.

Students who are unable to visit a participating Australia Post office will need to complete the application form through Centrelink or by post. For more information about lodging your application form visit the TFN application form website.

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