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About our college

Richmond Agricultural College encompasses Richmond High School and the Centre of Excellence in Agricultural Education at Western Sydney University (WSU) Hawkesbury.

Spanning the high school and university campuses the college will deliver three educational streams:

  • Years 7 - 12 comprehensive local enrolment;
  • Specialty agricultural education cohort selected based on a portfolio and interview process which determines their interest and potential in agricultural education;
  • Academic selective agricultural stream with enrolment managed by the High Performing Students Unit

Students enrol through Richmond High School and access the Centre of Excellence on the university campus as tailored by their course of study.

The establishment of Richmond Agricultural College will be led by Cliff Ralph, Principal of Richmond High School and Kris Beazley, Principal of the Centre of Excellence in consultation with the school community and educational partners.

The Centre for Excellence in Agricultural Education does not accept student enrolments. Students enrolling in the Richmond Agricultural College's agricultural specialty stream and academically selective stream will be enrolled through Richmond High School. Information about enrolment in the two stream can be found below.

Agriculture Specialty Stream:

The AgSTEM Specialty program will see students apply through portfolio and interview to attend the College. The students will study a unique curriculum developed to support their passions/interests in Ag/STEM and will be based three days a week on the Western Sydney University Campus (Hawkesbury) at the Centre of Excellence in Agricultural Education and two days a week on the Richmond HS Campus.

Student's will study courses in Design Thinking, Applied Learning (AG/STEM) and Agriculture. They will learn in a transdisciplinary model that sees learning opportunities partnered with WSU, TAFE and industry.

Students will also engage in a tailored Ag/STEM transition/careers program from Yr 7- Yr 12 including opportunities for mentoring by academic and industry experts.

To obtain an Expression of Interest Form and Enrolment Package please email the College at:

Enrolment packages will include: 

  • Expression of Interest Supporting Document
  • Agricultural Specialty Stream Frequently Asked Questions Document

Additional notes: 

The focus of the application process is to determine the student's interest and potential in agricultural education and their suitability to the designed educational program. This application process will be managed by the College principals - the principal of Richmond High School and the principal of the Centre of Excellence.

Stage 1 of the process requires applicants to submit an Expression of Interest form and portfolio addressing the general selection criteria and personal narrative. Stage 2 will see shortlisted applicants invited to attend an interview and referee checks, as required. 

Expressions of Interest will be considered from students who are eligible to enrol in Year 7 at a NSW Department of Education high school. The program only offers full time day placements for students. There will be no residential or distance education enrolments in this program.

Academic Selective Stream:

How does my child apply?

Students wishing to attend Richmond Agricultural College in Year 7 will be required to sit the Selective Schools Test. 

To sit the test students will need to register in Year 5, through the Selective Schools website.  This site will be open October/November each year for registrations. 

Students will need to nominate Richmond Agricultural College as their preferred school.

During Term 1 of  Year 6 students will sit the Selective Schools test. 

In July students will receive notification of their application. 

Once accepted into the academically selective agricultural stream at Richmond Agricultural College the College will provide a formal induction process. 

How can I obtain further information?

Email us for a College Information Package:

Remain up to date with information published on the NSW Department of Education Selective High Schools-Year 7 website

As outlined in the department’s enrolment policy, our school enrolment procedures are unique to Selective High Schools. More details can be found on the Selective High Schools page.