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Welcome to The HIVE

The HIVE forms the central learning and wellbeing hub of the school.

The HIVE is our innovative, central Learning and Wellbeing space, that offers all of our students an array of student services support.

The HIVE is a vibrant, inviting and safe teaching, learning and wellbeing space for students, an accessible, future focused space for teachers and an engaging and creative space for all.

The HIVE provides students with a designated space to receive emotional or academic support. It is staffed by the Head Teacher Teaching & Learning, Head Teacher Welfare, LaSTs, SSO, AEO and our expert SLSO team. 

A variety of programs run in The HIVE including, wellbeing, targeted small group tuition, QuickSmart Numeracy and Literacy, Accelerated Reader, Aboriginal programs and Welfare programs. 

Students who are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, upset or angry are provided a quiet space in The HIVE for RESET, with a range of mindfulness activities and resources as well as to debrief and learn coping skills.

The HIVE provides a variety of resources to support student learning. A large collection of print material across all Key Learning Areas as well as current print and digital fiction are readily available for research and leisure purposes. Access to innovative technology is also available to enhance and support student learning.

Future Focused Learning

The HIVE’s physical design is flexible and future focused, providing the opportunity to incorporate zones for a variety of pedagogical activities. The HIVE provides our students with multiple designated spaces for learning from individual, private study as well as spaces to create, collaborate and connect with fellow students. 

The HIVE’s dynamic, agile teaching, learning and wellbeing space is centered on indivdualised student education programs, supported by physical resources that will facilitate student engagement.

State of the art technology including 86" Clevertouch screens and a dedicated Green Screen room and associated technology provides students with opportunities to develop their creativity, to own their learning, to think critically and become proficient in a range of digital devices.

Supporting Our Students

•          Wellbeing: time out space (RESET), mentoring, wellbeing programs, emotion and behaviour regulation strategies.

•          Preparation of assessment tasks: planning and drafting, sourcing material/evidence needed for a response, researching information or referencing.  

•          Providing feedback on work: checking written work meets the criteria/ marking guidelines, help improve spelling, grammar and/or sentence structures, ensuring that the presentation/layout of work is appropriate for the context of the assessment. 

•          Brainstorming ideas and concepts necessary for your response: breaking down the question and identifying the literacy/numeracy demands of the task.

•          Helping acquire the appropriate tools and skills to study: organisation and time management, scheduling of tasks, colour coding information, using key words to capture important information, condensing and categorising notes, using images/diagrams to ensure that the new information is retained and mind maps. 

•          Create realistic goals for your subjects: homework goals, assessment goals, HSC/ATAR goals, time management goals.

Staff in The HIVE

Within The HIVE, students can access several staff resources to support their learning and wellbeing. The HIVE is home to our Learning Support teachers including the Head Teacher Teaching and Learning, Student Support Officer, Aboriginal Education Office, SLSO staff, and a dedicated student tutor along with our Literacy / Research expert, Careers Advisor and Transition teacher, School counselling team and key Welfare personnel including Head Teacher Welfare and the Chaplain team. 

The Learning and Support Team work closely with a diverse group of students including our high potential students, those who have a diagnosed disability and / or learning difficulties. Targeted support, intervention and plans are developed to best support student learning and wellbeing. 

The Careers Advisor and Transition teacher are also located in The HIVE and can provide a wealth of knowledge to junior and senior students regarding patterns of study, post school options, tertiary education options and requirements. 

The School Counselling team, Head Teacher Welfare and Chaplain team are also accessible to support  students in all wellbeing aspects as they undertake their high school years. 

Access to The HIVE

Students are welcome to access The HIVE before and after school as well as during scheduled breaks. 

Class teachers can also book students into The HIVE, individually or in small groups, during timetabled classes to receive personalised wellbeing and learning support as required. 

The HIVE also facilitates after school support for all students via "The HIVE Sessions".